[Audio Book] Blockchain and Web3: Building the Cryptocurrency, Privacy, and Security Foundations of the Metaverse 1st Edition

An in-depth and authoritative treatment of one of the most pressing topics of our time

In Blockchain and Web3: Building the Cryptocurrency, Privacy, and Security Foundations of the Metaverse, two tech and finance experts deliver a comprehensive and accessible guide to the present and future of blockchain technology and how it will form the foundation of a new, better internet.

To support a concept as bold as the Metaverse, we need several orders of magnitude more powerful computing capability, accessible at much lower latencies, across a multitude of devices and screens. You’ll discover how blockchain can accelerate data flow, exchange, and transactions to create and transfer value around the world and, at the same time, how it can be used to protect user data privacy and security with decentralized web infrastructures. The book also includes:

  • Discussions of how sovereign governments are entering the blockchain fray and how their entry, especially with CBDC digital currency, shapes the conversations around Web3
  • Explorations of whether we will ever realize the holy grail of blockchain tech: interoperability to compete with Big Tech platforms

Discussion of new security and privacy issues rising from the intersection of Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse.A fascinating and eye-opening treatment of the past, present, and future of blockchain and the role it will play on the internet and metaverse, Blockchain and Web3 is a truly original and engaging discussion of a timely and critical topic.

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