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If you’re interested in learning more about personal finance, you’re in luck! In today’s world, there are numerous resources available to help you become financially savvy, even if you’re starting from scratch. One such resource is free finance courses that are available online. These courses offer a fantastic opportunity to learn about everything from budgeting[...]

What is the best way to learn SQL?

In 1986, SQL (Structured Query Language) became a standard. Over the next 40 years, it became the dominant language for relational database management systems. Reading the latest standard (ANSI SQL 2016) can be time-consuming. How can I learn it? There are 5 components of the SQL language:– DDL: data definition language, such as CREATE, ALTER[...]

Netflix backend Architecture

Netflix backend Architecture consists of a bunch of micro-services collaborating in a loosely coupled fashion. This kind of setup helps deliver large, complex applications quickly and reliably. The figure below is an overiew of Netflix’s backend. 1. The Client sends a Play request to a Backend running on AWS. Netflix uses Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer[...]

The Backend Burger : Backend Software Architecture Checklist

Everyone loves burgers, whether it’s a full stack burger, a frontend burger, or a backend burger. While the origin of this innovative burger is unknown, a comparable full-stack burger was shared on Reddit four years ago. We want to give a special shout-out to the original creators. Watch & subscribe full video here: — Get[...]

A Collaborative Filtering Method to Improve the Incident Handling in IT Service Management

In today’s fast-paced digital world, IT service management (ITSM) has become a critical aspect of running a successful business. With the increasing complexity of IT systems, it’s more important than ever to have effective incident handling processes in place to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. That’s where collaborative filtering comes in[...]

Comment écrire un article de blog avec ChatGPT (21 étapes faciles)

En tant que blogueur à temps plein obsédé par l’innovation, j’ai testé les meilleures façons d’écrire des articles de blog en utilisant ChatGPT. Voici comment écrire un article de blog avec ChatGPT : Demandez à ChatGPT de trouver un bon mot-clé Demandez à ChatGPT de créer un bon titre Demandez à ChatGPT de créer un[...]

From Data to Insights: How Collaborative Filtering Can Improve Your Recommendations

Collaborative filtering is a type of recommendation system that analyzes user interactions and behavior to make personalized recommendations for content, products, or services. It uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and relationships in user data, helping to automate the process of finding relevant recommendations. Collaborative filtering can improve user experience, increase engagement, and enhance customer retention and loyalty. It has been successfully applied in various industries, including e-commerce, entertainment, and social networking. To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of collaborative filtering systems, performance metrics such as precision, recall, and F1 score are used to evaluate their performance. As recommendation systems continue to evolve, collaborative filtering is expected to play a vital role in the future of personalized recommendations[...]

The Art of Asking ChatGPT for High-Quality Answers: A Complete Guide to Prompt Engineering Techniques

This book is a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing various prompt techniques used to generate high-quality answers from ChatGPT. And How To Avoid & Bypass all A.I Content Detectors We explore how different prompt engineering techniques can be used to achieve different goals. ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model that is capable of generating[...]

Blockchain FREE Books for Download

How to DeFi: Beginner (2nd Edition)

How to DeFi: Beginner, Second Edition, is the 2021 updated version of How to DeFi (March 2020). DeFi is an ecosystem of decentralized applications that provide financial services built on top of distributed networks with no governing authority. By April 2021, DeFi applications have locked up over $86 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in smart contracts...

How to DeFi: Advanced

“Education is paramount in DeFi and resources such as How to DeFi are so important. Not only is this an excellent sequel, but once again, the team at CoinGecko have managed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview of an ever changing space” – Ganesh Swami, CEO of Covalent “This book comes as an excellent...

Stake Hodler Capitalism: Blockchain and DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

To many of us, understanding the blockchain ecosystem is one of the most significant barriers to entry for DeFi (Decentralized Finance). The terminologies are technical, and that created a mental barrier to many individual and institutional investors. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is highly promising to decentralization enthusiasts. Blockchain is a tamper-proof and immutable...

DeFi and the Future of Finance

During the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, our financial infrastructure failed. Govern­ments bailed out the very institutions that let the economy down. This episode spurred a serious rethink of our financial system. Does it make any sense that it takes two days to settle a stock transaction? Why do retailers, operating on razor thin margins...

How Do You Stake Cryptocurrencies? Earning Passive Income With Crypto

While the Bitcoin network is secured by mining, many newer cryptocurrencies use an alternative consensus mechanism known as proof of stake (PoS). This involves users staking their cryptocurrency—pledging their crypto assets to the network to help the blockchain validate transactions. But staking isn’t just an altruistic act to benefit the network. In exchange for staking...

How to Use IPFS: The Backbone of Web3

IPFS is a peer-to-peer decentralized network that lets users back up files and websites by hosting them across numerous nodes.This ensures that content is resistant to censorship and centralized points of failure, such as server issues or coordinated attacks.When a website goes down, often it’s due to the failure of a centralized service, such as...

Finance FREE Books for Download

Blockchain Potential in AI

This book presents some of the latest advances in the convergence of BC and AI, gives useful guidelines for future researchers on how blockchain (BC) can help artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI can become smarter, thanks to the use of BC. This book specifically analyzes the past of BC through the history of Bitcoin...

Bitcoin Crypto What’s In Your Wallet?: • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency explained. • Bitcoin and Ethereum millionaires, is the next one you? • … bets. • Can I make a Career out of Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is a global sensation today. Although billions of people have heard about it and millions use it, very few people understand it. BitCoin Crypto What’s in Your Wallet affords you with the essentials of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We are eager to bring you this information in a conversational format that is sure to...

Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

Accelerate your organization to win in the marketplace. How can we apply technology to drive business value? For years, we’ve been told that the performance of software delivery teams doesn’t matter―that it can’t provide a competitive advantage to our companies. Through four years of groundbreaking research to include data collected from the State of DevOps reports...

Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow

Effective software teams are essential for any organization to deliver value continuously and sustainably. But how do you build the best team organization for your specific goals, culture, and needs? Team Topologies is a practical, step-by-step, adaptive model for organizational design and team interaction based on four fundamental team types and three team interaction patterns...

Soft Skills Books

Osez parler en public

Parler en public est, dit-on, la plus grande peur de tout être humain normal, avant même la peur de...


Mener une réunion efficace (Livres outils – Vente)

Dans une nouvelle édition à jour des meilleures et plus récentes pratiques du monde de...


Les 7 habitudes de ceux qui réalisent tout ce qu’ils entreprennent

Depuis 1989, date à laquelle Stephen Covey a écrit Les 7 Habitudes, le monde a changé. C’est...


Les outils du développement personnel pour manager (EFE)

Managers, responsables RH et formations, encadrants, chefs de projet, cet ouvrage vous aidera à vous...


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