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5 ways GPT-4 outsmarts ChatGPT

OpenAI’s new GPT-4 AI model has made its big debut and is already powering everything from a virtual volunteer for the visually impaired to an improved language learning bot in Duolingo. But what sets GPT-4 apart from previous versions like ChatGPT and GPT-3.5? Here are the five biggest differences between these popular systems. First, though[...]

Qu’est-ce que le GPT-4 et pourquoi est-ce important ?

OpenAI a annoncé la sortie de son dernier modèle de grand langage, GPT-4. Ce modèle est un grand modèle multimodal qui peut accepter à la fois des entrées d’image et de texte et générer des sorties de texte. La récente sortie de GPT-4 marque une étape importante dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle, en particulier[...]

How to Use GPT-4 OpenAI?

OpenAI has released the highly anticipated GPT-4 OpenAI large language model, the next iteration of the GPT family of language models that powers ChatGPT. The company has made a lot of promotional content touting the impressive capabilities of GPT-4. However, the only way to know just how good GPT-4 can be is to try it[...]

Top 10 des livres sur les compétences en communication [Mise à jour en 2023]

On a besoin de compétences de communication exceptionnelles et efficaces pour le succès de son entreprise. Des compétences de communication efficaces vous aideront à atteindre votre plein potentiel. Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des livres de compétences en communication efficaces que vous devez lire en 2023 : Simplement dit : Mieux communiquer au travail et[...]

11 Best SRE Books in 2023 [Site Reliability Engineering]

Today we’re looking at the best SRE books of all time. 🧠 Did you know? According to CNBC, you don’t need a degree to become a site reliability engineer. What is site reliability engineering? Site reliability engineering (SRE) ensures that an organization’s software systems are scalable and reliable. Site reliability engineers bridge the gap between[...]

15 ChatGPT Prompts for Creating Blog Posts

You couldn’t have missed it: ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, is making a lot of noise. And for good reason, some already think that AI could replace web editors But for now, the expertise of an SEO web editor remains irreplaceable! Let’s see together how to optimize your ChatGPT prompts, the requests you[...]

Navigating The Decentralized Future: Blockchain, DeFi, and the Next Paradigm of Money and Commerce

The cryptocurrency and DeFi space is a confusing and chaotic mess. There is so much noise hyping the next great token, so much speculation about what price action is doing tomorrow and so much energy being spent on short sighted and trivial questions. That atmosphere is doing all of us a great disservice. It terribly distracts us from attempting to really understand the long term realities that are made possible by the underlying technologies. We are truly on the brink of a technological revolution which will transform many aspects of our lives[...]


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER It was one of the most searing images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin as the world watched in sorrow—and horror. As Princess Diana was laid to rest, billions wondered what Prince William and Prince Harry must be thinking and feeling—and how their lives would play out[...]

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What Are Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)?

Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, are exactly what the name suggests: they’re digital versions of a state’s fiat currency. But how does that differ from money sitting in a digital bank account, being used to make cashless transactions with debit cards? Why do governments even want to have CBDCs? And which countries have launched...

Stablecoins: What Are They Good For?

Stablecoins are at the heart of some of the biggest controversies in the crypto industry today—and yet more of them keep coming. On an almost weekly basis, companies and protocols keep announcing new stablecoin moves. So, what’s behind the boom? A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency intended to have a stable (or relatively stable)...

What is Ethereum 2.0 and Why Does It Matter?

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is planning a major update to its network.The Ethereum 2.0 upgrade aims to address the network’s scalability and security.The first phase of the upgrade, due in 2020, will see Ethereum switch to a proof of stake consensus mechanism.It’s been a long time coming, but Ethereum 2.0 is finally...

Over $1 Billion Worth of Ethereum Burned Since London Hard Fork

Over $1 Billion Worth of Ethereum Burned Since London Hard Forkpar Liam Frost, decrypt.co15 September 2021 15:10Nearly 300,000 Ethereum—worth over $1 billion at today’s prices—have been burned since the launch of the “London” upgrade, also known as EIP-1559, in early August. According to Ethereum metrics website Watch the Burn, a total of 298,000 ETH has...

Algorithmic Stablecoins: A Beginner’s Guide

Since the market is filled with the smell of a bull run. Algorithmic stablecoin, a DeFi product full of promising properties, is growing exponentially under the influence of the bull market. Stablecoins have already acquired a large market. Reportedly, the total supply for stablecoin grew by about 493% from $5.9 billion at the beginning of...

The Unbanking of America: How the New Middle Class Survives

An urgent, absorbing exposé—why Americans are fleeing our broken banking system in growing numbers, and how alternatives are rushing in to do what banks once did. What do an undocumented immigrant in the South Bronx, a high‑net‑worth entrepreneur, and a twenty‑something graduate student have in common? All three are victims of our dysfunctional mainstream bank and credit...

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The Blockchain Innovator’s Handbook: A leader’s guide to understanding, adopting and succeeding with this disruptive technology.

Are you struggling to understand what blockchain technology does and how it can benefit your business? The Blockchain Innovator’s Handbook is an accessible guide for leaders. It covers everything from opportunity identification to implementation and shows how to unlock new business opportunities in a fast-changing environment. This book will enable you to: Understand the fundamentals...

Tunisia hosts the 1st “Blockchain Fest”, November 29

Tunisia will host, on November 29, the first edition of the event “The Blockchain Fest”, the first North African hybrid conference on blockchain. Supported by Paxful, a fintech peer-to-peer exchange platform, this event, which will take place at the Mövenpick lac Hotel Tunis, will bring together natural and legal persons and will be dedicated to...

How to DeFi: Beginner (2nd Edition)

How to DeFi: Beginner, Second Edition, is the 2021 updated version of How to DeFi (March 2020). DeFi is an ecosystem of decentralized applications that provide financial services built on top of distributed networks with no governing authority. By April 2021, DeFi applications have locked up over $86 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in smart contracts...

How to DeFi: Advanced

“Education is paramount in DeFi and resources such as How to DeFi are so important. Not only is this an excellent sequel, but once again, the team at CoinGecko have managed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview of an ever changing space” – Ganesh Swami, CEO of Covalent “This book comes as an excellent...

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Grit by Angela Duckworth

In this must-read book for anyone striving to succeed, pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth...


Mindset – Updated Edition: Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential

There are two mindsets. Fixed mindset and growth mindset. This book will open the whole new world...


The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle’s message is simple: living in the now is the truest path to happiness and...


Expert Secrets : The Underground Playbook to Find Your Message, Build a Tribe, and Changing the World

“Best book ever for marketing your business. And not just for online marketing. This book goes...


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